Based on your target market, we'll find where your customers are. AdPro has access to incredibly useful customer profiling tools to help us determine and refine your target customer base. Among these tools we use a sales and customer defined Retail Trade Analysis and tertiary trading areas. These are based on the source of your store's or market’s revenue stream and concentration of customer base. Our consumer sourcing model combines your store's customer transaction file with lifestyle segmentation information. This will help reveal the consumer segments and geographic areas critical to your company's revenue stream and business growth. We then create a consumer acquisition profile which constructs a geographic targeting plan based on where your customers reside and where look-a-likes exist. It identifies growth opportunities in currently untapped geographies or markets.

AdPro-ads is continuing to be progressive, responsive, and adaptive moving into the future. Delivering innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and informative deliverables from a resource pool of ambitious and talented graphic artists, audio/video editors, and web designers is critical to our operations. Expansion further into community outreach service efforts through the creation of a specialized in-house team and processes to maintain our history of giving back to the community.

AdPro supports non-profit organizations locally in Russellville, AR. From youth events to food and clothing drives, we help support and sponsor local outreaches. Involvement in our local community is very important here at AdPro Advertising.

AdPro-ads was founded in 2003 as a small family owned business in Russellville, AR. During this time AdPro-ads has transformed into a corporation of more than 10 employees. AdPro-ads received an A+ rating and became a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business in August of 2013. AdPro-ads has been serving various furniture retailers, rent-to-own stores, and other businesses across the state and the nation since its founding. A supporter of non-profit groups, AdPro-ads, has been assisting churches, youth groups, and other non-profit organizations in the state through the various services we offer.